Registration Help

Registration Help :

  1. All new students must meet the requirements of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education.
  2. The guardian and the student are bound by the beliefs, principles, policies, instructions and procedures of the Encyclopedia of Science schools.
  3. Students are accepted on the principle of seat availability. If they are not available at the time, the student’s information recorded on the waiting list for further registration. The priority is for those who are registered first.
  4. All students are subject to admission tests and personal interviews, and students who pass these standards are enrolled. These are non-deployable school documents and a pre-requisite for registration.
  5. The school has the right not to accept any student(s) without giving or disclosing the reasons.
  6. The guardian does not have the right to determine the division or teacher, and the administration is responsible for infusing students according to the specified criteria.
  7. The guardians of the new accepted student shall hand over all the required identification documents for the student’s enrollment, provided they are duly certified, within a maximum period of one week from the registration process. Otherwise, registration of the student shall be considered invalid.
  8. Student registration is not confirmed until provided with a financial clearance from the previous school if some documents cannot be delivered.
  9. The student shall not be enrolled in school before submitting all the documents and requirements for registration and meet the fees due.
  10. Students on visit visas shall not be accepted as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education.
  11. A registration contract is valid for a single academic year only. Re-registration of students for the following year shall not be considered automatic until the registration contract has been signed annually and the receipt has been received. The school has the right not to renew it for the following year.
  12. The school has the right to apologize for the current enrollment of a student in the kindergarten or first grade within two months of the start of the school year in the event of any problems that prevent integration with the students or pose a danger to their safety.
  13. The guardian shall transfer his son/daughter at the end of the first semester if the student poses a threat to himself or to the safety of students or staff members.

14 – The school has the right to apologize for not registering any student or continuing to register for the second semester without reasons. The guardian does not have right to object.

15- The school has the right to cancel the renewal of the student’s registration for the subsequent school year, even if the amount of the renewal contract is paid, before the end of the term.

Required documents:

  • Copy of birth certificate with the original copy for conformity.
  • A photo of the family card and the name of the student who is to be registered from the previous school for students admitted in the second grade and above.
  • A certificate of transfer (departure) from the school from which they are transferred.
  • Photo from Noor’s program from the previous school.
  • Personal colored photos (4X6) x 4
  • Photo of vaccination certificate/card updated with the vaccinations by the Ministry of Health.
  • The medical record from the former school.
  • A copy of the passport, residency and Brent from Absher for the student and his guardian.
  • A school certificate or an equivalent certificate certified by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Saudi Embassy or the Saudi Cultural Attaché in the student’s country from outside the Kingdom.
  • A letter of financial clearance /fidelity from the previous school.


Tuition fees and instructions payment mechanism:

Please review your approved tuition fees and transportation fees from here.

  1. The guardian shall pay the two-installment tuition fees at 50% at the beginning of the semester. The fees shall be considered payable at the beginning of the first day of each semester.
  2. The guardian shall pay the fees of books and sources of learning in advance and they may not be collected in two batches.
  3. The Guardian (students from the second grade and higher) is committed to buying the laptop computer provided by the Encyclopedia of Science schools as part of the learning resources. This is because the academic program depends on using these resources in the learning process inside and outside the school. In order to achieve the principles of equality between students and avoidance of feelings of jealousy, the school established a uniform type, specifications and color for the equipment.
  4. The guardian shall pay all fees and tuition related to the sources before receiving the certificates of study and transfer certificates.
  5. In the event that the guardian fails to pay the tuition fees according to the specified schedule, the school shall have the right to apply any measures it deems appropriate without objection by the guardian, such measures as suspending supporting services, transportation, extracurricular activities, electronic services, and canceling all discounts granted, until the guardian is obligated to pay the fees resulting there from.
  6. The school shall have the right not to renew the student registration in the event that the guardian fails to pay the tuition fees on the specified dates without the objection of the guardian.
  7. The deduction for the siblings shall be extinguished if the guardian delays the payment of the tuition fees for more than four weeks.
  8. In the event of late registration, the due tuition fees shall be paid in full for the semester.
  9. Tuition fees may be transferred from a student to a sibling if he/she withdraws in a way that does not contradict the withdrawal policy and conditions.
  1. All fees shall be subject to tax according to the applicable Saudi law.
  2. Students shall not be considered registered unless approved by the Ministry of Education.
  3. Part of the tuition fees may not be transferred in the event of withdrawal to any other student or the school year following it, and the withdrawal regulation shall be applied.

13. Fees are considered due to their history in the event of unprecedented circumstances, God forbid, such as the spread of epidemics or any disruption of education imposed by the ministry on schools.

       Payment methods:

  1. Cash to the Financial Department.
  2. Payment through bank transfer* to the school account. The guardian shall provide a copy of the transfer via e-mail.
  3. Using a Made card.

*The receipt shall not be issued until it is verified that the transfer has been into the school account or that the check has been collected.


1- The contract shall be automatically renewed and the guardian shall submit a withdrawal request at least one week before the end of the school term. If the application is not submitted, the contract shall be deemed to be renewed and the withdrawal policy shall apply if the withdrawal is thereafter.

2- The school shall send an electronic copy of the renewed contract by e-mail. The guardian shall notify the school if the email is changed and the school shall not be liable if it is not noticed of change.


  1. The student’s withdrawal is considered official only if the guardian submits a written request for withdrawal on the dates below and is immediately handed over to the school administration.
  2. The student who passed the entrance tests and personal interview is officially registered at the school and the regulations are applied to him below in case the guardian wishes to withdraw.
  3. The student is considered for a valid registration if a written letter is not submitted by the guardian requesting withdrawal.
  4. The list applies below to students who have withdrawn after signing the registration contract.


School fees paid shall be returned in full upon withdrawal at a minimum of 6 weeks after submission of the withdrawal application.

Withdrawal Schedule:

First SemesterSecond Semester
One week before the end of the second semesterN/A 
One week before the start of school3000 SR
First week40% of school feesFirst week40% of school fees
Second week70% of school feesSecond week70% of school fees
Before end of Term100% of school feesAfter the third week100% of school fees
Failure to accept the student by the school administration or failure to pass the acceptance testThe guardian shall refund the entire down payment.

If the student is not accepted by the school administration or does not pass the entrance test, the parent will receive the full down payment.


First: sibling discounts

Calculated from net tuition fees only as follows:


A discount of SR 2500 is due if the number of brothers is more than 4.

Discounts only on tuition fees and do not include transportation fees, books and any other fees.

The school has the right to cancel the sibling reductions without giving reasons, as well as in case the student or guardian does not comply with the regulations, instructions and policies of the ministry and the school.

Second: Activity and Creativity Discounts:

The student can receive discounts below after receiving advanced positions in competitions and activities according to the following schedule, note that the amount of the discount is not deducted from the fees but will be refunded at the end of the academic year when all the required fees are paid.

The school has the right to cancel the discount in the event of withdrawal from school and non-renewal of registration.

The school has the right to cancel the discount without giving reasons and without objection from the guardian.

Rank /levelRiyadh Education DepartmentKingdomRegion/World
1st rank1000 SR1500 SR2000 SR
2nd rank500 SR1000 SR1500 SR
3rd rank 500 SR1000 SR

In the case of registration for the second semester or enrollment for only one semester, an amount of the fees of books and electronic sources shall be collected at a cost of 750 riyals.

The school shall be entitled to cancel all deductions in the event of delay in paying the student for a period of more than 4 weeks from the start of the semester.

When registering his son/daughter, the guardian undertakes:

  • My son/daughter should have good morals and to adhere to the morals of religion and tolerant Islamic customs and traditions.
  • My son/daughter must abide by all the regulations, instructions and laws issued by the Ministry of Education and the management of the schools of the Encyclopedia of Science.
  • My son/daughter should abide by all the rules of conduct and attendance issued by the Ministry of Education and school administration.
  • My son/ daughter must always adhere to school discipline and not be absent except for emergency and out-of-will reasons.
  • My son/ daughter must adhere to the school uniform approved by the school administration and my daughter (middle and high school) must wear the uniform during her attendance and departure from school.
  • My son / daughter should be committed to studying the enrichment curriculum and be very careful with the tests. I acknowledge that I know that these enrichment curricula and the courses are part of the school curriculum and that I have no right to excuse my son from learning them or not following them.
  • The school has the right to :
  • Cancel or not renew the registration of my son/ daughter if he does not comply with the enrichment materials or does not pass the requirements for success.
  • To buy the laptop provided by the school for students from the second grade up and I have been aware of this since I signed the contract.
  • My son / daughter must bring the laptop daily to school charged. The school is not responsible for the safety of the device outside the school campus.
  • That my son/ daughter shall preserve the property, buildings, school furniture, buses and facilities from vandalism, damage and tampering. The cost of its maintenance or replacement is borne by the student at the discretion of the school administration.
  • The responsibility to improve the student’s educational level is shared between the school and The Guardian. The guardian must cooperate in all that is required to achieve this goal.
  • If my son / daughter does not suffer from any contagious or chronic diseases or in the case of being hit by any disease, parents should inform the school in written form and submit it to the school office.
  • My son / daughter is not disabled and if this is later discovered, I agree not to renew his registration at the school because this service is not available.
  • To inform the school about the reason of moving your son/daughter from school, in the event of cancellation of registration or dismissal from the school transferred from, or any behavioral problems or learning difficulties encountered by students previously. The guardian must apply for withdrawal from the schools of the Encyclopedia of science due to the breach of the terms of the contract and the registration contract is considered void.
  • Respond to school calls, stick to the schedule, and attend all social and individual meetings.
  • Use the designated social media platforms to teach my son/daughter, and make sure to communicate with the school administration directly for any purpose and not rely on social media channels.