Registration steps

Registration Procedures and Steps:

  1. After reading the registration instructions available on the website, access to the school’s website and select the admission and registration box, and then the register now box.
  2. Fill out the initial registration application.
  3. You will then be contacted to set the date for the personal interview and the admission test for the candidate.
  4. An advance payment of the tuition fee of 3000 riyals is to be paid to carry out the admission test. These fees are not refundable for those who pass the admission test. It will be refunded if you do not pass the test.
  5. The student must pass the admission tests and the personal interview.
  6. You will be notified of the test result within 48 hours of carrying out the test, and the result will not be given in time.
  7. If the student is accepted, the guardian is provided with the acceptance letter and a list of required documents.
  8. The guardian is obligated to submit all required papers and documents to the registration department within the specified period.
  9. The registration contract and the attached file must be signed by the guardian. The student does not enter the classroom before completing the signing of the contract.
  10. Pay the tuition fees for the first semester before the start of studies.

Note :

My entry to complete the initial registration through the website is an acknowledgment of my perusal
The instructions and conditions of registration and acceptance. Withdrawal conditions apply once part of the fee has been transferred
The tuition fee is 3000 riyals.