International Program

 International Program (American diploma): First Grade – Eighth Grade:


The Encyclopedia of Science Schools curriculum of the international program prepares students at the end of the eighth grade to qualify for the secondary level and obtain the American diploma. The curriculum has been built based on US Common CORE standards, in addition to NGSS.

Our program prepares students to pass the SAT and GAT (American and National University readiness tests) starting in seventh grade by providing the latest resources and technologies…

Students in this program study English, Mathematics, Science and social studies. In order to preserve the students ‘ Arab and Islamic identity, schools are committed to teaching all hobby subjects as stipulated by the Ministry of education, in addition to enriching those subjects to empower students. Students will interact with learning resources through the use of technology tools (tablet PC), LMS learning management software and electronic online sources of books applied in the school.

We receive your children from first grade to sixth grade for girls and from first grade to third grade for boys in a homogenous environment.