Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program

The program is designed especially for ESS schools by world-class pedagogical expertise.

It is a bilingual program based on the principle of autonomous learning pillars which prepares students in a holistic and integrated manner (cognitive, emotional, motor, mental and social) ,  employs the individual differences of children,  and supports their multiple intelligence, which promotes learners  to read, write and communicate cognitive and mental concepts. This is implemented within an attractive and enjoyable descriptive school environment.

The philosophy of the kindergarten program “Educating kindergarten children in interactive and active environments places the power of learning within the hands of the learner instead of the teacher and provides him/her with a global understanding of the entire developments in all scientific fields and at the same time leads him to be rooted and rooted.”

The main target focuses on learning the language and numerical expertise in both Arabic and English according to USCCS and national standards in the kingdom. It is worth mentioning that this curriculum is based on the global high SCOPE PERRY SCHOOL program.

The creative CURRICULUM for PRE SCHOOLERS follows the Maria Montessori principles in education regarding the PRACTICAL LIFE AREA AND MATH APPARATUS.

With a vision and an Arabic role to achieve all the results of bilingual programs with a focus on the mother tongue and unwrap its beauty to the new generation, we receive students from the age of two years and ten months to the age of five and ten months.